Meet the NYC Field Team

Greetings everyone from New York City!!

This post is a few weeks late, but nonetheless meet the Branching Out NYC Field Team. We have been working hard for the past 4 weeks, before we share with you what projects we have been up to, take a few minutes to learn more about how we started off the program and our team members!

We kicked off the Branching Out NYC, with orientation week at Governors Island. A big thank you to Governors Island and Patti Riley for allowing us to use office space!

image (20)

We started Monday with a lot of icebreakers and creating a flag, that we now use for “cloth talk”.  Tuesday we went downtown to Dave’s store and bought our work boots and then had lunch in union square. Wednesday we had a full day of getting certified in first aid and CPR. Thursday we had a show and tell to help with our public speaking group and we went on a walk on the high line and we had lunch on the high line and went back to Governors Island and created life maps. Friday we did a great preservation scavenger hunt, and as usual ice breakers and week review. For being the first week the NYC group has become very comfortable and supportive of each other for the short time that they have been together. Things are look bright for the NYC group this summer!

A photo recap of what we did during orientation week:

image (21)

Boot shopping at Dave’s!

image (22)

The team

image (18)

‘Cloth talk’ – our team full value contract.

image (19)

At the Apollo with the tree stump. Tradition has it that anyone who touches it before they go on stage has good luck. Good luck to us this summer!

Now meet our team!!

Jahquill Mahoney
image (10)

Hello everyone, my name is Jahquill Mahoney. I live in Manhattan, NY and I’m a senior at Stephen T. Mather High School. My interests are cooking and preserving the environment for the community. This year, I applied to work for the NPS (National Park Service) Branching Out program for the first time. This program gives the people a helping hand of making the world a better place. Since this is my first time doing this I can gain my experience and tell people stories about what I am doing in the program throughout the summer.

John Miranda (Returner)
image (14)

My name is John Miranda and I am a NYC field team member and class of 2017 of Mather High School. I consider myself weird because I enjoy weird things like reptiles, fish, or any animal of some sort. I am also very responsible, since I can manage myself and other things. I consider myself motivated because when I’m focused on a specific thing I do nothing but be focused. If I want something, I get it done! So I’m basically a reptile I take on the heat and thrive on it.

Mathew Salazar
image (7)
My name is Mathew Salazar and I go to Mather High School and I was born and raised in Queens, NY. I run and play sports in my free time. I’m excited for the summer to work with Branching Out to help me find and explore a choice at what type of career I want.

Sherika Glasgow
image (8)
Hello, my name is Sherika Glasgow. I was born on March 5th, 2001 on the island of Trinidad, but grew up in Brooklyn, New York.  I am a rising sophomore at Mather High School. I have 5 siblings. My favorite subjects are social studies and English. When I grow up I want to be an architect/interior designer.

Guillermo Lithgow (Returner)
image (12)

My name is Guillermo, but I prefer if people call me memo. Like a memo, I’m unforgettable. One of my favorite past times is to watch movies. Which explain my passion for film making. Also, I like reading books, I feel that it helps with my creative process and helps me visualize images in my head. I am going to be a senior this upcoming September at Mather High School and I would like to attend the University of Southern California.

Jonathan Caple
image (13)

My name is Jonathan Caple and I am an upcoming junior at Mather High School. I’m 16 years old and I love to play basketball in my free time. As I get older, I hope to become a landscape architect and start my own business. I want to be able to sit back and enjoy life knowing that I contributed to the world in a major way.


And the support team behind making the Branching Out Field Team NYC happen:
image (5)
Alice, Uriah, and Patrick!


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  1. Great to “meet” you! Hope you guys do a lot of fun stuff and learn a bunch over the summer. Can’t wait to hear about your project work.


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