New Skill Part 2

As Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “Do something. If it works, do more of it, If it doesn’t, do something else”. From past seven weeks, I have learned to use many new equipments that I would not use on a regular job. When I work at the Coach House, I use various equipments that are involved in my work with the maintenance crew at ROVA. The main ones include weed-whacker, different types of lawnmowers such as small Toro, Grasshopper, Cub Cadet, Extreme 6, Hustler, and large Toro 4. These lawnmowers go from simple to advanced that can cut small fields of grass to large fields. All these are different lawn mowers from various companies. Most of the lawnmowers run on gasoline and some run on diesel. You can tell the difference usually since the machines have a choke-start button. From research it seems that diesel engines are considered more efficient than gasoline engines and in addition engine oil and air filters do not need to be changed as often. Gasoline machines are more convenient and people prefer them for it. The maintenance crew and I mow the three different historical sites that are around Hyde Park area. I plan on applying this skill for the future by being able to put into a new situation and doing the job that I’m not familiar with. I’m always told I should try new things when I get the chance because I might not have the opportunity again. The main thing is as long as I am comfortable with it I am happy doing the job! I especially enjoy cutting grass on hot and humid days.


One response to “New Skill Part 2

  1. Laxmi,
    As usual, you are embracing the opportunity to learn new skills. Next time, please post a photo of you on one of the machines!


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