Half Way My Intern

It doesn’t really feel like 5 weeks have passed by at all but I guess it has, I still remember my first day at Saugus like it was yesterday. I believe when you enjoy doing something time goes by flying, I wish it was the opposite. It been really hot there inside those tends with the temperature at 100 degrees sometimes just have to drink a lot water to get through it. I have done a lot of different things but my favorite thing to do is the fabrication part. Not everything that have fabricated has come out as perfect as the guys could do it but I put my best. Like some joints I have done lately Mortise and Tenon joint. I have fabricated like 5 and I could tell I started getting better after the 3rd one. Still not perfect as Sky’s but I will get there. Sky is one of the members of the crew. I like the fabrication part because is all hand tools that we use to fabricate anything. Doing joints we use a lot of different tools which allows me to get better at each one the more I use it, some tools are like Chain Moiterser Machine, Skilsaw, Speed Square, Swan Chisel, Regular Chisels, Block Plane, Jack plane… Etc.,,,uff many more hand tools involve. I’m looking forward to use the new block plane Celena just bought me, you guys probably see it on my next blog. There are some tools that I have never used before or didn’t know about their use. I have learned something from every guy on the crew, they explain things to me without me asking I appreciate that because they just want to educate me. They must know I like learning about everything so every time they think something is important they point it out and talk to me about it. In overall my internship has been great, learning a lot. Don’t mind commenting 🙂



2 responses to “Half Way My Intern

  1. I loved the photos – your projects look very cool and built for the long run with such sturdy materials and good tools. I can just hear my dad saying “Measure Twice. Cut once.” (He also had a hand made sign in his wood shop that said in big red letters “Put it Back!”. Every shop needs one of those.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Diego – It sounds like you are in very good hands with the HACE crew at Saugus NHS. I’m also very happy that you enjoy your work so much. I am excited to visit you at the park in a few weeks!


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