Power Tools Vs. Hand Tools

Power Tools vs. Hand Tools

At Saugus Iron Works you would see a variety of tools but it would only come to know which one to use. Before I started my internship at Saugus I really thought now days everything in construction would be on power tools. I personally used to prefer power tools over hand tool but that changed. Probably because I didn’t know that much and didn’t experienced hands tools a lot. Now that I have been introduced to hand tools more I actually enjoy doing the job with them. Now I feel more comfortable using the chisel, block plane, hand saw etc. Picking what tool to used plays a big part of the result. Some might pick power tools because of the speed, they could get things done faster and the accuracy. Sometimes things are designed to be only made with only powers tool or hand tools. The bad part about power tools is that if there is no power the power too wont function. In the other hand hands tools would function no matter what, even if not as fast or as perfect it still get the job done. Everything that a power tool can do hands tools do it too just a different way to do it and slower. Different tasks require multiple machines but at the end they both comes together to get things done. Learning about hand tools with the (HACE) crew has helped me understand the purpose of doing things with hand tools. They want to keep that historic look that the wheels had, everything was built by hand tools.


One response to “Power Tools Vs. Hand Tools

  1. Diego – Glad you are learning about and becoming comfortable using hand tools. It is a different experience, but makes sense using them for the work you are doing at Saugus NHS with HACE!


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