Week of Adams National Historical Park

The Adams National Historic park is important because it’s the home of two former presidents, John and John Quincy Adams. 

This week at the park we went back in time and used historic tools to maintain Peace field as if we were creating more hay for our animals.  Some of the tools we used were a scythe, a sickle bar mower, rakes, soil knifes, weed whips, pitch forks, a tarp, cart and a dumpster. To start we used the sickle bar mower and scythe to cut the grass down, at the same time other people would rake up the grass that was cut to pull it into rows. The next day, once it mostly dried, we pulled the rows into piles and used the tarp and cart to drag the piles into the dumpster, which will be given to a farm in Bridgewater.
This project helps the park by creating a space that makes you feel like you were in the 1820’s. By maintaining the field in the way that we did, we captured he way that the Adams would’ve managed their own farm. The goal of this project was to make it so that if the Adams somehow miraculously came back to life, they would still recognize their home.
From the education session we learned that pretty much everything inside the park, the workings and landscaping is still 90% the same, almost like an oasis while the outside of the park has drastically changed from the 1820’s.
Some of the highlights of the week were using some cool equipment to efficiently cut the grass, and load it into the dumpster, working with and effectively communicating with our teammates to get the job done, meeting John Quincy Adams and eating cake on his 249th birthday. Despite all of these good things, there were still some challenges that we had to deal with. For example the heat was definitely a problem, malfunctioning equipment, minor injuries, and a wave of bugs.

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