My mentor and staff


Hello guys today I will telling you about my mentor, Tim Walsh. Tim is my mentor for the summer, I’m already learning a lot from him already. I would describe him as a very helpful person, always asking if I need help in anything there to assist me. He takes his job very serious, you would always see him moving around doing all type of stuff that needs to get done. He’s the construction manager of the project for only having to tell crew what to do he also involves himself. Tim got involved in carpentry by working with a neighbor when he was in high school. When he got to college he studied history and also history preservation so both combined lead him to do preservation carpentry. He worked for different private contractors, then he had enough knowledge and skills which is when he decide to go work for himself, after he decide to go work for an nonprofit organization with History New England which own historic lands in the U.S for 2 years. 4 years ago he decides to work with (HACE). HACE stands for ”Historic Architecture Conservation and Engineering”. Tim title is preservation carpenter and construction manager. He decided to work with (HACE) because he really wanted to work in historic places. He like working for (HACE) because is very unique work which you don’t see anywhere else.


This is Ralph

One of the crew member I been working close with lately is Ralph Parcello. He started working with the (HACE) crew 4 years ago. His interest started when he was a teen helping his uncle who was a carpenter. His uncle used to do a lot side jobs and brought ralph along with him to help. Later on he went to college and got a degree on construction manager with the intention of commercial carpentry like building residences or bridges. A lot of his experience is on supplies distribution and facilities management. Professionally he been a carpenter for 8 years would been way more if I would count when he was a teen. He always loved working on old houses knowing that people worked in it before him centuries ago. Ralph is the funniest guy on the crew, I enjoy working with him teaches me a lot tricks to how to things differently. Last week he thought me how to use the chain moiterser machine and the swan and corner chisel. I didn’t have time to take pictures of Tim and Ralph but I will later on.


Chain Moiterser Machine








Swan and Corner chisel



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