Hello again everyone!

Hello again everyone! I’m Diego Rojas, I participated in the field for the past 2 years. I learned a lot about landscape management while I was in the field team.  This will be my 3rd summer with Branching Out. I was also involved in the School Year Ambassadors program. Many of you have been reading my blog posts over the years, but for those who have not  I’m from Roxbury, I attended Madison Park Vocational High School. At my school I studied Carpentry. I had the choice to pick any other program but I chose carpentry. I believe I picked it because back in The Dominican Republic I used to help my dad build things so I said to my self “Why not keep doing this if I enjoy it”  I just graduated so I’m excited about that! Next September I’ll be attending North Bennett Street School, I will be in the Carpentry program. North Bennett Street School is a trade school that offers: Bookbinding, Cabinet And Furniture Making, Carpentry, Jewelry Making And Repair,  Locksmithing And Security Technology, Preservation Carpentry and Violin Making and Repair.  My hobbies are playing sport mainly Basketball and Baseball. In baseball I’m a pitcher i play for ‘The Base’  and Basketball i like playing shooting guard. This summer I will be participating in the Branching Out program as a Park-Based intern at Saugus Ironworks, really excited to start this new experience. I decided to participate in Branching Out again because I like the program. I like the educational sections, I learned a lot about the history of the parks we visited over the summer and I like the team building activities and really had fun with other youths. My #1 highlight was going hiking at mount monadnock, wish we could go again. I want to learn as much as I can about carpentry and gain new skills before i go into a career. Being a Park-based intern this summer will help me be steps closer to what i want to accomplish. Branching Out will provide me with the opportunity to develop my skills and learn more about  Carpentry. This summer i look forward to a lot of things always open to that and to work with the HACE (Historic Architecture Conservation and Engineering) crew. I will be the first participant doing Carpentry as a Park-Based intern.


3 responses to “Hello again everyone!

  1. Diego – We are so thrilled to have you participating in a park-based internship this summer that aligns so well with your career interest in carpentry.


  2. Welcome back, Diego! We are excited about your internship working with HACE. You are going to learn A LOT this summer. It might be helpful to take notes and photos so you have documentation to look back on!


  3. Oh, cool, I didn’t realize you would be working with HACE! That’s great that Branching Out was able to get you an internship there. And good for you for being willing to commute up to Lowell. Good luck, and I can’t wait to hear about the projects you work on! And see them (hint, hint, photos please!).


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