First 2 Weeks At Saugus

During my first 2 weeks at Saugus Ironworks I have already learned a lot. One of my favorite tools i learned about was the chisel. I learned how to properly use it. It such a way that it has to be hold and angle to not mess the wood you working on. I also learned how to to sharpener my tools. I was using my chisel to make the Tenon flat all the way around.IMG_1422



I was also cutting timbers down to length. I had to lay out where my cut was going to be at so i wouldn’t mess it up. Any little mistake is critical because it would change the way that parts are placed. One interesting I learned was how i had to put the tenon concave which mean curves inward. Wood over time starts to dry up and shrink, the tenon being concave that arc going up will make the mortise and tenon tighter. To do this i used the hand plane and the router.


Learning this new things will give me the ability to do more advanced projects with the crew as they get more comfortable with me doing things.




Diego Rojas

3 responses to “First 2 Weeks At Saugus

  1. So happy to hear you like your new job and you’re learning a lot of new things. It’s nice to see you working there, I know when I visited back in April I thought, “What a great place with talented people.” Glad you’re part of their team. I like seeing the pictures. I look forward to seeing more blogs. Take care. Miss you. Beth

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  2. Diego – Wow, you have been busy and learning so much! I love the photo of you using the chisel. Keep up the good work!


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