Where have the years gone by!

             Here’s a joke for all the NPS workers and supporters to start your week! WOW a 100 years old already! You have not changed a bit! Ahaa!! I guess it’s not that amusing. Hope all of you people have enjoyed your week.  As August 25 is nearly two months away it is a special time for all the parks in America! All the people who work for the National Parks will celebrate wonderful accomplishments of the past 100 years,  but it is really all about the future. It’s about kicking off a second century of stewardship for America’s National Parks and to Preserve, Protect, and Service these places so it remains historically accurate as possible.  As of now, there are 58 U.S National Parks  and American National Monuments that are protected by Congress. Department of Interior manages and conserves the natural and cultural resources for people of all ages to enjoy and get educated.  I will help to continue preserving the parks for the next 100 years by working for different parks or interning during the summers, telling my friends and family what type of work I have done in the past, and hopefully my children will be interested in visiting the parks across the states and maybe even interning if  it interests them. When I took this internship I was really not sure how it will go, but I am glad I did because it really made me grow up a little bit by making me live on my own for the summer and introducing me to new places and people that are great to work with. I love Boston but going to a place that has  more trees than people makes you think about life and how it is good sometimes to slow down and enjoy the natural beauty that is uninhabited by people and skyscrapers.  I think the parks will look  as they did in the past 100 years if people work to keep it has similar as possible for the next generations. It all comes down to people because we need humans of all types to take care of the national parks  to keep on its legacy so the future generations can have some nature to take pleasure in.   


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