First Week

Hello Friends, family, and nature lovers!

          I hope everyone is enjoying their summer 2016 so far! I am Laxmi Spearing and I am so excited to be an Extern in Hyde Park, New York. This summer, I will be working at the three beautiful locations that are in Hyde Park which includes Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site, Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, and Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site. This is my second year with the Branching Out Program and I am thrilled to be in such a greenery place that shows the beauty of why Eleanor Roosevelt and FDR escaped to this part of New York and away from the city and busy life of  urban living. Last year, I worked as an intern at Adams National Historic Site and that was a wonderful experience and the people are so great their. I attend University of Massachusetts Boston and will be majoring in Environmental Science. My interests include running, hiking,cooking and eating all types of food, and shopping.  I am looking forward to working with Anna DeCordova and Mike Riegel and learning everything they have to offer for me. The technical skills that I want to improve on are how to use new equipment such as the lawnmower and improve my skills on identifying plants, flowers, and shrubs that grow at the park and garden. I am also delighted to be working with other interns here and meeting great people as the summer goes on.  Living away from home, working in the hot Sun, having no television, and carrying heavy tools would be the most challenging for me but I think I can manage it and get the best experience possible with my time here.


2 responses to “First Week

  1. Laxmi, sounds like you are off to a great start! You are working with a great staff at ROVA — Mike, Anna, and Dave and will learn a lot from them. Looking forward to hearing more about your experience throughout the summer!

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