National Park Service Centennial

This year on August 25th, the National Park Service will celebrate one hundred years of stewardship over the beautiful historical parks and the treasured natural landscapes of the United States. Personally, growing up in eastern Massachusetts granted me the opportunity to visit many historical sites under the care of the NPS, in Boston and beyond. The NPS preserves and upkeeps sites like the Boston National Historic Park and the Minute Man National Historic Park; sites that are valuable not only for the beautify of their natural environments, but also because they protect important histories that are unique to our state.

I remember contemplating my career path in high school and wanting to find a way to balance my three interests: history, horticulture, and preserving and protecting wildlife. As the summer progresses and reflect on my time at Branching Out and continue work with the NPS, I realize that these opportunities have granted me the chance to do exactly that! Every day on the job, I’m immersed in history of our country and working in the field in arboriculture and it gives me immense pride. I know I will continue visit and enjoy NPS sites throughout my life. It’s a dream of mine to someday do a grand road trip tour of National Parks in America. I’d especially like to visit Redwood and Yosemite.

It has been an honor to be part of the NPS team, working for the agency that has carried America’s natural legacy through one hundred years! A happy centennial to the National Parks and to everyone involved in its care, keeping, and enjoyment! Here’s to one hundred more happy years of conserving and protecting!

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