Biking Tour At Franklin Park-

This event took place at Franklin Park. We went on a bike tour around the whole park. Its was almost like an scavenger hunt but this had stations. There were 4 different station in different parts of the park. Each station had something different to do. We gave people maps so they could could locate the stations on their own. There was 3 groups with 2  people and one group with one person. At each station was a different activity, they got to bike around station to station! That made it faster for them.IMG_1223

At the first station which was my station people had to draw Scarboro pond to their on design and answer some questions.The second station was Scarboro hill. Here people had to read all the plates around the area and then talk about what they thought it was the importance of the park.

At station 3, Michelle took lead in greeting participants at Ellicott Dale and having them play graces (Graces is played with two people. Each person gets two rods, four in total. Then, one of the players takes a wooden hoop and, pushing apart the two rods, makes the hoop fly in the air for the other player to try and catch it. The winner is the player who catches the hoop ten times first). She did this as a way of showing the groups the importance of recreational activities at this location during this time. This was also a way of having youth enjoy themselves out in nature and connecting recreation to history, the making of Franklin Park and what it means to people now. Station 4 was located at Schoolmaster Hill, where Raldison had groups take a look at some pictures from the late 1800s and have them guess what kind of structure was once there and what it was used for. This location is a very important part of Franklin Park because of its view of nature and peaceful setting. He had participants read a poem (placed on a rock on Schoolmaster Hill) written by Ralph Waldo Emerson, he asked them to read the poem while taking in their surroundings and then sketch whatever came to mind.

This event was very fun and educational event, as School Year Ambassadors we got the chance to lead stations and really get a feel for the importance of such parks. This being our last event we really wanted to get youth to come out and really enjoy a park in their backyards while also getting a chance to learn how it all came to be and its importance. Some challenges we came across were definitely having to ride up hills ( yes are legs felt like they had been at the gym working out all day) :). Some major highlights were getting to lead different stations and teach youth like us more about historic sites. We also loved spending a day out in nature riding bikes and having a fun day. THIS IS ONE OF THE TWO LAST SYP 2015-16 POST :), WE HAD A GREAT YEAR . HAVE A GREAT SUMMER





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