AA Introduction

Over the past couple of years, since 2014, I have been lucky to be involved with the Branching Out program in Boston. I have gone through everything they have to offer! starting from the Field team, School year ambassador, park based intern, and now I am currently doing an externship. In September I started attending the University of Massachusetts Amherst Stockbridge School of Agriculture to study Arboriculture which by the way I  have enjoyed thoroughly and can’t wait to go back next fall to see my friends and eat at Umass Amherst’s famous dining commons. As a freshman I am required to experience a 5 month internship in the field with certified Arborists, make a herbarium of 100 trees, shrubs as well as write in a daily journal. The Olmstead Center offered me the opportunity to intern with the crew working on the National Mall in Washington D.C.

When I arrived in D.C. in April the cherry blossoms where in full bloom and the weather was much warmer than Boston. I learned many skills through my instruction at school and now I am using those skills and acquiring new ones as I work. Currently I am climbing and using bucket trucks pruning trees at the Police Memorial, the trees must be pruned into a square shapes. This is my first time besides college living alone and taking care of myself such as cooking, shopping, and everything else and surprisingly I am enjoying it!

Andreas Aluia


Readers, I need recipe ideas! If you have anything you recommend that I should cook and try please leave a comment!Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 5.01.30 PM


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  1. Welcome to DC, Andreas! I recommend investing in a rice cooker. They’re not too expensive, and many of them allow you to program the cooking to happen while you’re at work. I like to cook a large batch of brown rice on the weekend, and have rice with beans for lunch each day. The brown rice tastes much better if you use broth, such as vegetable broth, instead of water. You can throw in some spices, some steamed veggies and make a nice meal. Enjoy your time in the wonderful trees of the National Mall.

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