Washington D.C.

It’s been two full weeks since I’ve moved to Washington D.C. and started working with the Tree Crew. So far, I have been able to work with many different tools and expanded on my existing skills. I’ve learned how to use the chipper, including turning it on properly, how to chip brush safely, and how to safely turn it off. I’ve also had the opportunity to use many other tools, like a chainsaw with all the proper PPE (of course all of this is supervised by trained professionals). I’ve discovered the joys of the bucket truck, which still allows me to tree climb, but without a good deal of the hard work needed when you’re starting from the ground!

In these two weeks, I’ve worked in conjunction with the Tree Crew and participate in storm cleanup, which involved chipping branches, brush, fallen small trees and cherry trees that came down from the strong cold winds we had when I first arrived. I was taught to use the bucket truck to retrieve kites stuck in trees from a recent kite festival. Currently, I am working on the police memorial trees. The police memorial has rows of trees that need to be cut back with hedge trimmers and a bucket truck to give it a square look. There are quite a few trees involved in this project, so it is taking a while to complete.


I find myself invigorated and excited by this experience so far. I’m happy that it pushes the boundaries of what I know and continues to challenge me everyday. It’s been great jumping right into the work, and I’m curious to see what the next few weeks will bring!


Until next time!


-Andreas Aluia


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