Stewardship Saturday at BOHA

On Saturday March 26th, the School Year Ambassadors participated on a volunteering event organized by the  National Park Service called the Stewardship Saturday in which people volunteer to help to solve a problem in a National Park. We drove out to one of the Boston Harbor Islands called World’s End located in Hingham, MA which is administered by the National Park Service and the Trustees of Reservations. Once we go there, people were already gathering and getting ready to head out to the field to start working on removing invasive species and non native plants. The invasive and non native species that we were removing are called rose, and bittersweet vines. Those vines choke out the trees and make competition hard for other plants that are native to the area.



Another activity we did was the tree identification with one of the Trustees of Reservation person. He walked us through the process of how to identified a tree by looking at bark and the buds sides and shape. One thing i learned was how to use the ID book. My highlight for the event was getting to see the Boston skyline. I never seen Boston from so far away which was pretty nice to see.



One response to “Stewardship Saturday at BOHA

  1. These plants can really seem overwhelming to tackle. How great that you were able to join a big team and make some headway with the invasives. Thanks!

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