Longfellow House–Washington’s Headquarters National Historic Site

On March 17th, the School Year Ambassadors took a trip out to the Longfellow House in Cambridge MA. This event was planned in order to assist Mona ( technical expert at Longfellow) with replanting perennials in the garden and aligning them with the boxwood plants. In order to do this we first had to hammer in steaks on each side into the soil and tie a string to draw a straight line. Next we dug out the Coral Bell plants and set them to the side. Once all of the plants were dug out we added lime to the soil and mixed it in. We split all the plants in half since they were growing together and were too big. We began to replant the Coral Bells and made sure they were all aligned with our string in a straight line. Once all of our plants were planted and straight, we began to water them and spread soil and leaves on top of them to protect them from harsh weather.

During this event, we learned how to properly align and replant perennials. We also learned about this plant and how to make sure it grows healthy. Another thing we learned was that Coral Bells begin blooming in early June and don’t stop until August. The Park we worked with during this event was the Longfellow House. Our highlights for this event were getting to learn about the Coral Bells, replanting them and getting to see how nice they looked as a final product. DSC_0026   DSC_0025DSC_0032DSC_0010

2 responses to “Longfellow House–Washington’s Headquarters National Historic Site

  1. I sympathize with the coral bells as I both grow wider and have trouble staying in line. So glad Branching Out could to get those plants divided and back in line before the chaotic burst of spring. I hope you get the opportunity to see the Heuchera in bloom.

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