Winter Exploration!

During the Feb. vacation , the SYA traveled out to Russell,MA for a overnight winter event. We were accompanied by Ground Work somerville and some friends of the SYA. When we first arrived at the site, we were greeted by the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC). We got to do an icebreaker to get everyone familiarized with each other. As soon as we arrived we ate lunch then went on a hike ( 3 miles long) to see beautiful frozen water falls. Since the ground was really icy, Megan; our AMC fellow provided us with micro spikes ( to attach on shoes) in order to walk properly on the ice. Once we got back to the cabin we made lunch and then went on a night walk. Megan led some activities that included learning about nocturnal animals and how they use their night vision to hunt. We learned that life savers (candy) glow in the dark if chewed fast, due to chemical bonds breaking. The main highlights of this event were getting to see the frozen water falls and being in a new environment ( seeing the stars).




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