Scavenger Hunt w/ Parker!! 12/5


This week the School Year Ambassadors got the opportunity to travel out to Franklin Park. We got to engage in a Scavenger Hunt all throughout the park! We formed different teams and began a scavenger hunt in which we had to go find different areas in the park and preform activities in order to get points. Each team was given a map of the park with different activities worth different amount of points. YES you’re right, we ran a lot! had a lot of fun and had trouble keeping up with Celina’s daughter Parker.

We learned a lot of new things about Franklin Park, like its history, size and about the man behind it, Fredrick Law Olmsted. We got to explore many areas of the park which we didn’t know about or never been to. Another fun fact was we were able to invite friends and family! which made the event even better (Even though Parker has too much energy to keep up with). For this event we had the pleasure of partnering with the Stewards Of The Future from the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site. There were a lot of highlights at Franklin Park but some of the best parts of the event were getting to work with a team, exploring the park, learning its history and watching Parker run faster than us.

3 responses to “Scavenger Hunt w/ Parker!! 12/5

  1. This was such a fun event at Franklin Park! Thanks to those who organized it, and to the Branching Out Ambassadors for hosting it. It was such a treat to spend the day at the park and watch, from the top of Scarboro Hill, each team search for and complete different activities. Parker, too, was very glad to have been able to participate.


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