Career month!


The past couple of weeks we have been to the North Bennett Street School, New England Grows and Umass Amherst! Exciting right?, These three events were for the sole purpose of building our career interests, for a job shadow we will be doing. We had the opportunity to explore different areas of landscaping, which allowed us to expand our knowledge of career areas that could link to the National Park Service. We also got to experience the different careers in which people get to explore what they like in depth. We also spent time getting to know what are interests are and how we can approach them within the NPS.

At the North Bennett Street School, we acquired a lot of information about many interesting career areas. At New England Grows we learned about different ways to contribute to Landscape Stewardship. We were able to do a career assessment in which we explored what we liked and were interested in, in order to further analyze and determine the careers within the NPS that caught our attention. We learned a lot this week and we got to explore careers in many different aspects, great stuff! As we got to tour at Umass, we learned a lot about the career areas we liked and focused on what we needed to do to get there. The Highlights for these events were getting to do the career assessment and seeing the different career choices close up at the North Bennett Street School.


2 responses to “Career month!

  1. So much for all of you to consider! Look forward to seeing where you are headed. Glad you are part of the Branching Out program and NPS.


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