One More Time To The Boston Harbor Islands (Thompson Island) Before Is Too Cold

On Saturday the 31st Halloween Day, we volunteered  to go to stewardship Saturday in  Thompson Island to help them remove non natives plants and make it easier for natives to repopulate. Some of the native plants on the island were Shad Bush, Black Cherry, Choke Cherry, Bay berry and the invasive plants were Oriental Bitter Sweet, Multi Floral Rose and Crab Apples. It was a little cold at first when we got there but once we started working and removing the invasive plants it got really hot!



For some of us it was the first time using the weed wrench which consist of this tool that lock the remainder of a small but strong plant. It acts like a level, when you push the roots of the plant comes up. Its easier to use the weed wrench instead of our hands because it takes less time. The highlight of the event was was eating Crab Apples. It was our first time trying them. They were like Apples but very small, my first time seeing them I was like “Is that a cherry?” till I grabbed one and it was pretty hard like an apple. They were pretty sour but good.




Diego and the brush pile!


2 responses to “One More Time To The Boston Harbor Islands (Thompson Island) Before Is Too Cold

  1. Nice to be in a place where there are no sirens, car horns, trains.
    You could probably hear the wind in the leaves of the shrubs and trees.


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