School Year Ambassador Program


Left to right: Diego, Marcus, Gabriel, and Raldison.

This year we are the school year ambassador Diego, Marcus, Gabriel & Raldison. Through the whole school year we go out and do events which we get to managed and promote it. we basically can get to choose the way everything should go. while we plan each event we get to do an educational section depending on what the events is about. most of the time we’re inside about 75% and 25% outside, we actually like being outside but its too cold this time of the year to be outside. During some events we collaborate with others program where we might help them or they might help us.


My name is Raldison Berroa, I am 18 years of age. I attend the University Of Massachusetts Boston. I enjoy several subjects, such as math, English, and art. Some of my hobbies include making music, being outdoors and playing sports. The thing I enjoyed most about the Branching Out Program was getting to further build teamwork skills and learning more about historic sites. My interest in the School Year Program come from my want for better social skills, learning new things, and getting to build onto my knowledge.


My name is Marcus Tuloe,I am 18 years of age.I attend Boston International high school. My subjects,I like such as math English. Some of my hobbies include making soccer and football, being outdoors.The thing I enjoyed most about Branching Out Program was getting to further build, skills also learning more about historic sites. My interest in the school year program because I want to keep learning more about the historic and get more skills.


I’m Diego Rojas , I’m 18 years old. I’m currently a senior at Madison Park High School. my favorites subjects chemistry, my carpentry class and math. Right now in carpentry we learning about wall framing and wall layouts. it was a little frustrated at first because i didn’t get it but after few practices it became more easy to me. this past summer i really enjoyed going to different parks that i never been to, getting to know new technical experts, the travel project too it was too fun cant forget that and getting to have fun with all my coworkers in all the activities we had. I was interested in the school year program because i want to keep develop my public speaking skills and learn more about managing events.



Hello, my name is Gabriel Vasquez, I’m 17 years old and I come from the Dominican Republic. I attend school at Urban Science Academy in West Roxbury, MA. In school, I enjoy acquiring knowledge but I enjoy some subjects more than others like Humanities, Math, and Biology. During my free time I like to brainstorm on my current and future goals. I also enjoy going out with my family and friends and playing sports. I listen to lots of Hispanic but I also enjoy listening to rap and r&b at times. I really enjoyed being part of Branching Out this summer because it was fun, I had many new experiences and I learned new things. I had never been able to speak with so much confidence in front of people specially in Val-Kill in New York where we were getting recorded so I really appreciate Branching Out for helping me develop that skill. I chose to be part of the school year program because I felt the need to keep advocating for the National Park Service and its purpose which is to preserve for current and future generations to enjoy.

2 responses to “School Year Ambassador Program

  1. So glad all of you will be with us during the school year. We are so fortunate to have the four of you as Branching Out Ambassadors. I look forward to attending some of the events you organize and plan!


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