My Awesome Mentor

My mentor at Adams National Historical Site is Bob Mackenzie. Bob is a very humorous man, who is wise, and a people person. I was honored to have such a wonderful mentor this summer who has taught me more about how to  care for the garden and how to do it the original way, like the Adams family have done it for many generations. He is the main Gardener.

Job has experienced many career changes throughout his life. Bob had a mid-life career change in his forties. By being unemployed for 13 months, he found a job posting for as Museum Tech at Adams National Historic Site. When he got interviewed, he ended up being hired as a WG-3 laborer in maintenance. He also served in the Army and worked for a telephone company. After that he worked for a private boarding school as a Teacher/Houseparent/Counselor/maintenance worker.  In addition, he worked as an aquarist at the New England Aquarium and was part of the aquariums marine mammal rescue team.  His education includes attending several community colleges, and completed about 2 years at University of Massachusetts of Boston. While at UMass, he was a dark room technician for the school newspaper, and media publications.

Bob has been working at Adams National Historical Site over twenty-five years because he loves being part of the larger National Park Service and loves the educational aspect of the Branching Out Program that he has been part of about ten years. Bob enjoys working to preserve and protect cultural landscapes that will be enjoyed by future generations which gives him the feeling of immortality.

Bob Mackenzie

Bob Mackenzie

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