Virtual Tour of Fairsted

natpark 001

Main entry way of Olmsted house. Where guessed, not workers would enter through.

 natpark 009

Old Hemlock, seen in first picture, over 100 feet tall and the first ‘attraction’ on the Olmsted property.

natpark 002

Right side of main entrance. On the right, Main door, no longer in use. The cement path way on center leads to the Public’s Entrance to the Olmsted House. Also the Cement path leads to a set of Rockberry Puddingstone stair case leading to the Hollow; Olmsted’s most formal landscape.

natpark 004

Entry area for the Public’s entrance. The small porch gives a nice view of the Hollow.

natpark 003

Stair way connected to the cement path way to the Hollow.

natpark 005

End of the stair way to the Hollow, which is in an odd tear drop form.

natpark 006

More of the Hollow. Note the stone in the side of the left hand path way.

natpark 007

Another picture of the Hollow. See the hidden bench on the left, secluded and shaded. Also, unseen is the workers entrance, right to the left of the tree in upper right.

natpark 008

Left side of the main entrance. See the opening of the shrubs leading to the Rockgarden.

natpark 011

The South Lawn, where Olmsted spent more of his free time, is right off the Main entrance. Rockgarden pathway behind on the left; and that thin looking tree is the replacement elm for the Great Elm that used to stand there, which was planted by Olmsted.

natpark 012

Another picture of the South lawn. The Elm tree to the right. Worker’s path seen in lower upper right corner. This picture in perpendicular to the last picture.

natpark 013

This picture is also of the South Lawn, pointing to the upper right hand corner not more than 50 meters from the last. Here we see three path ways, the one to the far right leads to the back of the barn and also a small tanted patio. The pathway to the middle right leads to the newly paved, if you could call it that, parking lot. And the final, middle path, leads to the maintence area, where we will go now.

natpark 014

This is the maintence area of Fairsted. Plant holding area out of the picture on the left, trash area to the upper left, gate way out in the upper middle area and the Shed, where we keep our tools, to the upper left. And just outside the picture is the new parking lot.

natpark 015

Here is the plant holding where we hold plants…. Name explains its self really. It is a crucial part to the tri-sites due to that it is the largest area we have where we can hold plants. Also we are able to plant to plants that we will grow and use latter.

natpark 016

This is the new parking lot I talked about before hand. Behind this picture is the maintenance area and around 100 meters up the street in the upper right, is the entrance to fair stead. This parking lot is newly paved with a topping I have never seen before but is supposedly historically accurate.


For a more accurate and in-depth tour of Fairsted, there are tours of both the inside and outside the house Wednesday to Sunday 9-5 and free unguided tours of the lawn at all hours , though not recommended at night.



3 responses to “Virtual Tour of Fairsted

  1. Nice tour! A view of the hollow from the sleeping porch would be nice, and a photo of the state champion cucumber magnolia. Come back to do the whole tour with the fall color! Oh, you can tell I have come to really like the place.

    Remember Olmsted and Fairsted are spelled the same way. FLO spelled his name without the “a” .


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