Enrichment Activity: Youth Summit 2015


On August 12, the weather was just perfect and many youths and National Park Service staffs came together to celebrate the Youth Summit on the Boston Harbor Islands. Everyone departed to the Thompson Island by taking a boat, which took less than an hour. The boat ride was pretty smooth and everyone seemed to enjoy the view of the city as we were heading to the Thompson Island. When we arrived on Thompson Island, the Green Ambassadors welcomed everyone with a friendly smile. Everyone went to a big tent area where there was music playing and people started to sing and dance. From this, I knew people were going to have a great day. Youth and staffs from different areas in Massachusetts created a large circle and we all started out by playing few icebreakers. First, we played entourage and people-to-people which went well and people enjoyed it. Then we went into the tents and separated into our groups and played trivia. After that we had barbeque for lunch which was very delicious. When lunch was over, everyone went back into their own groups. All the different groups got to rotate with other organizations and learned about what each programs were all about and how they benefited the environment by their job positions. Some groups that were there included Green Ambassadors, Spindle City Corps from Lowell, SCA, and many more. After that more activities were available which included soccer, yoga, hiking on the island, and volleyball. Everyone enjoyed the various activities for the rest of the day, until we had to head back to the city. So, everyone gathered together to take a group photos and took a ferry back.

The view of Boston from the ferry back.:)

The view of Boston from the ferry back.:)

A sailor at sea.

A sailor at sea.

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