Update On IWP (Independent Work Project)

Who knows what Burning bush / Wing Euonymus? Ok a good few. Ground Ivy? A little less. Garlic Mustard? Hm, not too much.  Oh how about Bittersweet. Hold your groans people; everyone who knows what it is hates it. And how about Black Swallow Wart? Op, yep there are the hands. Now you can guess what relationship these plants have. They are all invasive species. And that dealing with them is what my Independent project is all about.

I choose to have my independent project based on dealing with invasive species because all horticulturists have to deal with them; and these five of these plants can be found in the New England but were introduced by human means. The definition of invasive species is: “—“There are of course many ways of dealing with these species; mostly commonly with powerful herbicides. However we have all heard about these ‘Super Weeds’ that have come around from over spraying. So, to drastically elongate the time we have until new ‘Super Weeds’ start popping up, I have decided to use organic and or sustainable tactics and tools to help deal with the invasive species.

I started off the project relatively early, choosing my thesis statement and plants within the first two weeks at the Tri-sites. I then went into figuring out what I need and where I need it in my slide show. Also trying to narrow down the meaning of my thesis statement, Charlie Pepper helped me with that. After that I began my research, finding information about my five plants, I found most of it on a government website that proved most useful.

About half way through, right before the field team came for a week and then going to Hyde Park, I had to slow down. Things were getting busy at the parks and I was always busy with something else. So, the Independent work project was put on the back burner. Now, back to my routine, I can work on it more. Adding facts and history of the plants. Not to mention ways of controlling them.

Now, I won’t give you any hints on everything. However, a slide show is in progress as I type. I have taken a good deal of pictures to share and will leave them at the end of the blog.

natpark 002natpark 006810 015810 0178112015 019

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