Enchantment of The Mind

On August 7th, last week, I traveled to Pedock Island with the other Park Based Interns, a few members from OCLP, other National park employees, and friends of Branching Out Members; to see the Field Team’s Teach Back on Pedocks Island. After an uneventful, and quite tiresome, boat ride to Pedocks, we were met by the field team and were all quickly introduced. After introductions we had a nice lunch by the sea to get over our sea-sickness.

After lunch, we were lead to large set of stairs were we were taught the use of an unnamed tool. It was just three wooden boards shaped in a ‘C’ form, two short pieces connected to the end of a much longer piece. It was used to help the field team to fix some of the steps on the long stair case that had been damaged by time and foot traffic over the recent years. The field team would place the unnamed tool down on a step, which it would fit perfectly; then bring up some wet cement that they had made all the way at the bottom of the stairs; dump the cement in the hole or crack that the step and unnamed tool created, and let it dry. The end product of such was a very well looking step that looked like a professional had fixed it! And I’m not kidding! Go to Pedocks and check the stairs out, they look very well done.

After the teach back we all split up, some relaxed, some played games. While everyone doing their own thing, I realized I could use this technique at my sites. At Olmstead, we have a maintence pathway and a little garden hidden away that both use small stone plates that could be damaged in the future my either snowfall, foot traffic, or someone dropping something on it. And they would need to be repaired! So why not use this unnamed tool to fix them if ever they are damaged!

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