Project at Peddocks Island

This week we worked on Peddocks Island. The Island was used as a military base in World War I and World War II. This week, we worked on vista clearing and repairing the staircase to make it safer for people to walk up and down. peddocks Island is mostly used for recreation and our main goal was to enhance visitors’ experience.

DSC_0356  DSC_0154

We cleared trees so when the people come on the island, they can enjoy the view and feel of the ocean. We climbed trees to complete this task by using tools such as; hand saws, loppers, wood chipper, and pruners. We also learned how to cut down trees by using the bypass cut and the face cut. The bypass cut is when you cut half way through  the front of the tree, and half way through the back. and you just tip the tree over. The face cut is when you make a pacman mouth on the side of the tree its going to fall, and cut it through the back.


Our technical expert, Jamie McGuane, is a certified arborist with the National Park Service.


Joe Rocha, Intern at Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation helping assess trees that need to be removed.

When we worked on the staircase project, we first identified which stairs needed repairing. Then we created forms that served as barriers for the cement. We mixed the cement by adding water to a concrete mix, stirring it with a hoe, then poured it into the form to repair that step. Other tools we used were; margin trouel, shovels, and brushes to clean the step.


Pouring cement into the frames to repair the stairs.


Photo op while waiting for the cement to dry!


Lisa Sasser, our technical expert, helping measure the wood to create the frames for the stairs.


Raldison filling cracks in the stairs with cement.


Mixing cement!! It dried really fast because it was so hot.

Our project helped improved people’s experience. This park is used for recreation so many people come here to enjoy. The stairs provided a short cut to the campsite and the vista clearing allows people to enjoy the view of the island.


Deni, technical expert and DCR liaison, with the finished product! Thanks Deni for all your help!!


We learned from the education session h0w to identify trees using a handbook. We also learned how to identify invasive plants such as shrubs, weeds, and The Norway Maple Tree. This fit in with the work project because when it was time to work in the vista clearing. we had to take out those certain invasive plants.

The technical experts for these projects were; Lisa, Deni, Jamie, and Joe. Lisa helped facilitate the stairs poject, Deni works for DCR at the island and helped with the wood chipper. which helped in making our jobs a lot easier. Joe and Jamie both worked on the vista clearing, particularly the tree climbing.

As a whole, we enjoyed this week at Peddocks Island. The camping trip was overall enjoyable, it was a new experience for some of the field team members. Foshoo!

Photos from camping and recreation day!


DSC_0170 DSC_0326 DSC_0392 DSC_0398

5 responses to “Project at Peddocks Island

  1. What a wonderful opportunity to work with some great experts. The field team always does an excellent job of any task, and you seem to have fun doing it. Your resumes are going to be impressive with the number of different skills you have been introduced to.


  2. Wow! You were able to accomplish so much and it looks like you all had a fun time while doing so. What a fantastic place. So glad you were able to spend a week on Peddocks!


  3. What a week on the island! It looks like you got a tremendous amount of work done and had some fun too! I am glad yoy had the opportunity to work with Jamie, Joe, Deni and Lisa…they are very talented group. The photos are great.


  4. Looks like you guys had a great week on the Island! Had you ever been to any of the islands before Branching Out took you there? Glad you were able to get so much work done, and you were lucky to get to work with Lisa; she’s such a great instructor. Thanks for sharing all the photos: I wasn’t able to come to the teach back, but seeing the pictures is almost as good.


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