The Father of Landscape Architecture

Another project completed for the field team, this time at Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site! Tucked away in Brookline, Massachusetts this park is the home of the father of landscape architecture, Frederick Law Olmsted and also the first official landscape architecture office in America. This park has lots of native plants, hemlock trees, and elm trees. Olmsted was very adventurous and liked to travel which inspired his landscape design.


View of the plants and trees in the hollow



View of the house from the south lawn

The project at this park had us working on planting shrubs to restore the landscape according to the original planting plans. What this means is as a team we evaluated the planting plan as it looked in the 1930’s and planted shrubs throughout the park areas such as the south lawn, hollow, rock garden, and courtyard. Our group planted a variety of plants and shrubs including lilacs, mount pieres, and Japanese yews.

We learned how to read landscape designs and properly plant through our technical expert, Mona McKindley. Mona taught us the proper way of digging and mixing old soil with new soil to help the plant grow after planting. Mona has been a gardener with the National Park Service since the late 90’s. She has worked at the White House on the grounds crew and she has a master’s in history and art.


Mona teaching our team the proper technique for planting.


Uriah looking over the planting plans.


One of the areas we were planting in.


A few of the shrubs we planted.

The highlights during this project was seeing different areas in the landscape were now filled in with plants and shrubs. We also enjoyed working on our second project together as a team. The only challenges we faced were removing the rocks we would come across when digging the new holes for the plants!

Coming up next is our project summary from our travel project at Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site!


2 responses to “The Father of Landscape Architecture

  1. Wow the team really made a difference in one week. I hope you found it a restful landscape to work in. I know you found the open lawn a great place to play games where you chase each other in a crazy-mad frenzy.

    Our park based summer youth will finish mulching and water the plants. Next time you come by they will have flushed out with new branches. They will start filling in the areas that were quite bare before.


  2. Way to go Branching Out Field Team! This planting project really improved the landscape at Fairsted. Look forward to reading about more of YOUR adventures.


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