Mid-term Review


These five weeks have been awesome being an intern for the Branching Out Program. I am glad to be located at the Adams National Historical Park. This place is such a beauty and I love how it’s open to the public to enjoy too. Bob Makenzie is such a great mentor. I am so glad to be learning from him since he has over 25 years of experience being a gardener. I love the education aspect of this program especially for college students who are still figuring out what to major in. I am having fun researching my independent project with Reika who is such a great person and a hard worker. You people will know the final outcome of our projects in about five more weeks. I love working with the Field Team because they are such a great team who are funny, keep people laughing, and work as a team to get all the projects done on time.


This past week, Bob, Steven, Reika and I have been cutting the boxwoods at the garden at Adams. The boxwoods get trimmed once a year to keep it a certain height. First, Bob put up the posts along the boxwoods and then tied the strings along it to a certain measurement. Then, Steven, Reika, and I used the electric hedge trimmers and shears to cut the overgrown Buxus. The boxwoods will be done being trimmed  by Steven today. We also did some soil sample yesterday from the garden. This involved taking soil from the bed along the Old House, the long bed, and Beds A,B, and C. The soil will take about a week to dry and then will be sent to a lab to get the result of the soil to see if it is lacking any nutrients, or has too much of some elements that might be harmful to the plants. The skills that I would love to improve on are I would like to learn more about the names of all the flowers, shrubs, and trees that are in the garden. I would also love to explore more on landscape maintenance, agriculture, and especially on urban farming. I want to take college course classes to broaden by interests of what I really want to do. My future includes working for the National Park Service since they seem like such a supportive and friendly community and work around the world also.

This hollyhock flower is taller than me.

This hollyhock flower is taller than me.


5 responses to “Mid-term Review

  1. The photo of you next to the hollyhocks I think is my favorite this summer! You have a great sense of humor. Keep up the awesome work at Adams. 😀

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  2. Laxmi – So glad you are having such a positive experience at ADAM this summer and with Branching Out. I love that photo of you standing next to the hollyhock!

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  3. You’re so lucky to get to work with Bob and in the garden at Adams – I love it there!! Great work trimming the boxwood! Believe it or not, it makes such a huge difference over time: we could show you photos of what happens when boxwood aren’t trimmed! And the string line makes such a difference. Good luck learning flowers and trees. What’s the purple flower?

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