Hosting the Field Team

During this week, the Field Team came to Adams National Historical Park which Reika and I were so excited about.  The Field Team’s project at Adams included removing the hay from the Orchard Field. In the past, the first two weeks of July is considered cutting hay season so we kept to the tradition. First the team was introduced to safety and PPE. We had to wear long pants, gloves, ear protection, and eye protection. The equipment we used were sickle bar, hay rakes, pitch forks, and sticks. The Field Team was responsible for removing the hay which took about three day to complete. First, some people cut the hay down by using the sickle bar. The sickle bar has sharp edge in the front which looks like shark medal teeth that go back and forth very quickly. The rest of the people, were responsible for raking the hay with hay rakes into rows for it to dry.

The second day we were done cutting all the hay down and now we had to rake all the hay into piles to make it easier to transport. We had a large dump bin and a truck. The Field Team had to use the pitch forks to move the hay into the truck and then when the truck was full, it was taken to the dump bin. Some even used their hands and created big hay piles to transport the hay.  Eventually all the hay was put into the dump bin and the hay would be taken to a place where they will use it to create mulch.  Also, Reika and I taught some of the Field Team members how to plant in the garden which was fun to show them. They planted different types of flowers. In addition, Reika and I told them about our independent projects, what being an intern is all about, and what is expected of us. Having the Field Team was exciting, fun, and I enjoyed having them help us with the removal of the hay.

Field Team walking around the garden

Field Team walking around the garden


Shreena gardening

Shreena gardening

Marcus enjoying planting.

Marcus enjoying planting.


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