Who am I?


Hello everyone! I am Laxmi Spearing and I am from Somerville, MA. I attend Salem State University. I am an Intern for the Branching Out Program and I will be working at Adams National Historical Park for the summer. I am extremely excited about the summer because I believe I will gain a lot of knowledge by the opportunities that will be given to me this summer.   I plan on to learn about the history of Adams National Park, learn more about horticulture, gardening, and plan on to start a composting area as my independent project. I am new to the program but I have previous experience with the Branching Out Program from working with Groundwork Somerville. I worked with Groundwork Somerville for three years and I learned to garden, built raised beds to grow produce, and was involved in Farmer’s Market that took place in Union Square in Somerville. Over the years Groundwork has collided with the Branching Out Program and done some projects on the Boston Harbor Islands.  I applied to Branching Out Program to further my experience and get educated more on horticulture and landscaping.  I love to run and take long walks to enjoy nature. My hobbies include hanging out with friends, shopping, eating all different kinds of food, learning about other cultures, and adventuring into new places. I really am not sure what I want to major in yet but I have confidence that this program will give me a lead on to what my interests are going to be for my career goals. My long term goals include finding a internship at a National Park in another state, working for the National Park Service, and definitely traveling to other countries to help at orphanages in Kenya or India.

6 responses to “Who am I?

  1. Laxmi,
    Welcome! Glad to have you join the Branching Out team! I’m excited to work with you and looking forward to hearing more about your previous experience with Groundwork Somerville.


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  2. Hello Laxmi! I think you will have a good summer working among the historic trees, orchard, and formal garden at Peace Field. Bob and Chris and Bruce are great mentors.

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  3. Laxmi – So glad you are part of the Branching Out team! I hope you enjoy your time at Adams NHP learning from master gardener, Bob Mackenzie. I look forward to visiting you at your host park and to spending time with you throughout the summer.

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