Hello, my name is William Gallagher, everyone calls me Jack. I am the park based intern at Longfellow, Olmsted and Kennedy. I went to Minuteman Technical High School for either computers or biotechnology, but ended up in horticulture and landscaping; which was so much better. I am going into Umass Amherst Stockbridge as a sustainable horticulture major and minor, maybe second major, in German. I read, write, watch and listen a variety of books, movies and music, but never movies from books because they are always terrible, The Hunger Games is a good example. I joined the branching out program last year as a member in the field team. Traveling to a different park every week was pretty cool, but since I live 15 minutes out of Boston, all that traveling really got to me. I learned alot from that summer, and not just about landscaping. I learned a little Spanish, how to work in groups, how to deal with cultural  differences, and different team dynamics. So this year I decided to apply to the park based internship, so I wouldn’t have to travel that much… then I got the trifecta. I am really excited though, being able to work at three such important parks. I plan to learn a lot from them, Longfellow poetry and formal garden plans, Olmsteadian landscaping and tree care, American Political History and… how to mow a lawn… hip hip hurrah! In the future I plan to become a NPS worker at a park or even a park ranger. That or a sustainable horticulture manager at a big firm.

2015 Park-based Interns

2015 Park-based Interns

5 responses to “Me

  1. Jack, glad that you returned to Branching Out this year as a park-based intern! Looking forward to working with you this summer and continuing to build your horticulture skills at Olmsted, Longfellow, and Kennedy NHS!


  2. Good photo using the tree branches to frame the shot!
    Welcome to the park based intern program. Some days are slower and some are a bit busy with many small jobs to get done, but we always look back and the end of the week and can say it looks much better than last week! There is a sense of accomplishment…. even if a wind storm blows debris all over our freshly groomed paths just five minutes after we finished weeding and raking.


  3. Jack – Glad you are back for another year with Branching Out! I can’t wait to learn about all your horticultural experiences at Olmsted, Longfellow and Kennedy National Historic Sites – the “trifecta.”


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