Peddock Island Camping

This weekend we took a trip out to Peddocks island for a camping trip with the future branching out team. We do this every year just to give each other time to get to know one another and to just hangout and spend some time with the people that we are gonna see almost everyday during the summer. We packed up our vans and drove out to the docks in Hingam and took a boat out to the island. There we had some lunch and then went to the camp grounds where we found the yurts we would be staying in for the weekend . Everyone eagerly went into their yurts and went to check out the small circular cabin like things they would spend the night in.


After everyone had put their things away in their yurts and had some time to get situated, we started to play some games. Two captains were picked for the wiffle ball game we were about to play. The captains picked out their teams and evenly split up the boys and girls. Everyone had fun playing the wiffle ball game that quickly got very competitiveand intense. It was however still a very fun very close game. We then played volleyball and some soccer before we prepared to go out for our afternoon walk.DSC_0018

We all had a nice afternoon walk down the beach and along the middle of the island until we reached the salt water marsh near the far end of the island. After taking some pictures and just handing out near the shore we all walked back to our campground to prepare for dinner. We ate some delicious hamburgers and hot dogs. We then went on to play a really fun game of man hunt, where half of the group would hide and the other half would go try and find them. When we finished the game it was already dark and we went back to the campground and ended the day buy eating smores, playing campfire games, and just hanging out and talking among ourselves.DSC_0041

In the morning we cooked breakfast which consisted of eggs, sausages, and whatever we had left over from diner and lunch from the day before. Then we just played some Frisbee and some small games like when the wind blows and prepared our stuff to leave the island. In all it was a really nice trip and a really good way to get to know one another. It was a really fun experience that gave us an opportunity to see who we are all gonna work with during the summer.DSC_0038

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