Adams Tree Climbing


At Adams National Historic Park we hosted a tree climbing workshop for all those who were interested in learning how to climb trees. It was held in a small yard area near the back of the park that has some trees that are perfect for climbing. We got there early in the morning and began to set up and prepare for the morning. We set up stations where you could find your harness and all the safety equipment needed for tree climbing. After that we selected three trees that we decided were good for climbing and wouldn’t pose too much of a challenge for beginners. We set up two lines on each tree so that one person can climb along with a School Year Ambassador that would teach and coach them up the tree.

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Soon everyone had arrived and we started the workshop. First we started by introducing ourselves and then started to play a fun little tree game where you split into groups and make a little presentation of what you believe best represents trees. It was a fun little activity that had a nice surprise when a cute baby stole the show. After everyone was warmed up we split up and let people go to whatever station they wanted to go to. We had three tree climbing stations, one knot tying station, and a line setting station. We spent the entire morning climbing trees and helping others in any way that we possibly could. We had a lot of patient hard working participants that all managed to get pretty high up in the trees.
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By the end of our workshop many people had learned about knot tying, line setting, and how fun and exciting tree climbing can be. None of it however could have been possible without the help of Adams national Historic Park staff like Bruce, and Steven. Also the help of our very own certified arborist Dan and Jamie along with Joe Rocha. We all enjoyed teaching people how to climb trees and their excited faces as they make it high up on the trees. However what we truly enjoyed the most is having the opportunity to climb trees again, we love to be up in the trees and always look forward to the next time we get to do it.

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