Plant Propagation

This event took place in Adams National Historical Park where we were doing plant propagation. During this event we were learning about grafting. Grafting is a horticultural technique where tissues from one plant are inserted into those of another so that the two sets of vascular tissues  join together and create a new species of tree just like they do with animals under the same family. I learned how apples don’t always come from their seed, that they come from grafting one apple tree to another. Another thing i learned during this event i learned was that a tree could have as many combinations as you want in it. We work with a Adam National Historical Park stuff ( Bruce Beck ) were he thought us  how to do grafting  and the steps to do it. Bruce did a really good job explaining the proper ways to do it because everybody understood and did a good job. My highlight during this event was learning about about grafting because now I could start my own little experiment mixing plants up to see what would be result.

 DSC00440Bruce explaining how to take your scion cut

DSC00452Groundwork Somerville friends


DSC00451Gabriel finding cuttings in the historic apple orchard at Adams NHP


Attaching the scion to the root stock


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