Minute Man Snow Day

On Thursday February 19th we went to Minuteman National Historic Park in order to learn about snow removal and to also go snow shoeing. We all met up at the Navy Yard in the morning and headed down to Minuteman in order to meet with a Minuteman employee called Trent Martinez. Trent took us to a parking lot where they had gone through a lot of snow this winter and told us of the process they have to go through for snow removal.


Since it snowed so much this winter Trent told us it was a hard and grueling job to remove all of the snow especially because they only had four employees. They would have to decide which parts of the park where more important such as parking lots and frequently visited parts of the park. Once these areas were deemed more important they would have to go through hours of plowing in order to remove all the snow. There was so much snow that it was inevitable to hit something buried deep inside the snow and break some equipment. Snow removal is a very costly thing for Minuteman because of all the broken equipment and historic landmarks.


The snow tends to pile up on many historic houses and barns that were not made to take this much snow and the employees have to do their best to remove all of the snow as soon as possible. However in a park as big as Minuteman it is impossible to get to everything and some damage is done to the landmarks. Especially those that are built in a way that makes it hard to reach the snow such as high building or houses with weird roofs. They work very hard on removing all of the snow and the amount of work they get done is actually pretty incredible and they do get the job done with as little damage done as possible.


After learning about snow removal from Trent we later went to the battle road for some snow shoeing. It was a very fun experience because some of us had never done it. The first thing we did was make a sort of small maze in the snow and play a game of that where you couldn’t get out of the small paths we had made. It was very fun and a nice way to warm up. We then continued on to walk down Battle road and see how beautiful the park and its landmarks become when they are covered in snow. At the same time we were looking out for potential problems that the snow could cause. It was a really nice walk down the battle road.

DSC_0333  Andreas, Diego, and me

DSC_0327Can you guess which features are under the snow??




In all it was a very fun day where we learned from Trent how hard snow removal might be for parks. Also the different difficulties that may present themselves when such a heavy snow falls. The best part however was snowshoeing and walking around the park especially that very fun game of tag. It was a nice new experience that we hope to someday do again.



By Stephen Pichardo

3 responses to “Minute Man Snow Day

  1. I agree with you, it was really interesting to hear Trent talk about snow removal. I never thought about how hard it is! It will be fun to be back at MIMA this summer when the landscape looks totally different!


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