Mount Auburn Cemetery Green House

IMG_0009We went to a tour around Mount Auburn Cemetery Green House lead by Kelly Sullivan. We walked around the greenhouse with Kelly teaching us everything about the green house like how is automatically operate it self to keep the greenhouse to the right temperature by opening it windows and closing it. We learned about mixing soil too, the type of soil you have to put to make the ground get dryer faster or to keep the water on top for longer.


One thing I learned during the greenhouse tour was about the chemical Chlorophyll (C55H22MgN4O6). Chlorophyll gives leaves their green color and absorbs light that is used in photosynthesis. Another thing I learned was how bugs were taking care of the plants by protecting them from other bad bus and how there’s a time where the greenhouse is watered it self when it needs to. My highlight was getting to see so many green plants after so much snow!


by Diego Rojas

2 responses to “Mount Auburn Cemetery Green House

  1. What a great article! It sounds really interesting how you describe the way that the greenhouse takes care of itself. I agree with you, it must have been really nice to see all of those plants after the winter. From the picture it looks like the greenhouse is very big!


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