Job Fair + Resume Workshop

The summer is getting close and you wouldn’t want to stay home and do nothing. On Feb. 25 we had a job fair over at Madison Park High School which 6 other programs assisted including the branching out program. On this job fair each organization did a presentation about their program. This event was very beneficent for me. before the event we had to prepared to present about branching  out program, during the preparation I was working on my public speaking skills which increased a lot. I’m getting more used to it than more before and have had helped me out. After weeks practicing the event finally come and is my turn to talk, even though I was nervous talking in front of so many people I was well prepared for it and it went great. Organizations involved in this event were Thompson Island Out Bound, Franklin Park Zoo, National Park Stewards Of The Future, The Food Project, Boston Natural Areas Network and The Emerald Necklace Conservancy. My highlight during this event was going up in the stage and in front all that people and talk about my job. We didn’t stop there, after that day on Feb. 26 we had a Resume Workshop! This event was at the same place Madison Park High School. DSC_0370   We had students from Madison Park High School, Franklin Park Zoo Members, Branching Out Participants and some others invited people learn about resumes and interviews. DSC_0384 During this event I learned that you have to put your most important imformation in the first page of your resume because employer don’t actually look to what is behind the first page.DSC_0389

By: Diego Rojas

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