Branching Out At Worlds End


This event took place at worlds end in Hingham, Trustees ย of the Reservations property. The event was about landscape stewardship we got there gathered around a circle. we introduced to each other telling our names and programs we came from. After that we all walked to the site where we pruned down the vegetation and cleared surroundings of the red cedar because the was a lot of vegetation covering it up and some of the branches were dying because of that. We had a discussing how the community help the park and the park help the community. After we cleared the vegetation a park ranger took us to a tour around the island and telling us about it. My thoughts on this is that i believe is true because at the park you can meet a lot whole more people and have a great time enjoin the view and the sound of the birds, thats the park helping the people. People helping the park is like when you go and volunteer to help the to clear so bushes or donating supplies for it, ect.


During this event i learned how to identify a poison ivy that grows in red cedar trees hairy looking. Also i learned how they wanted to put a nuclear plant in the island, which wouldn’t look great there. It would of ruined the beautiful view of the different part of the island. Seeing the Boston skyline was a great experience because actually it was my first time seeing Boston from that point. There was some others programs involved too like the aquarium, Harbor island and others youth and adults volunteers.My highlights was the view of the place, you could see the water in one side frozen and the other side normal. I liked seeing bosotn skyline, the harbor and how one part of the water was darker then the other side.


Written By: Diego Rojas


7 responses to “Branching Out At Worlds End

  1. Amazing place, incredible views. Great that you had the opportunity to experience the site and help with its preservation.


  2. What a cold, frigid day, you guys were troopers! We should visit World’s End again in the summer to see how the red cedars are doing.


  3. How great to read about your day with the Boston Harbor Islands Stewardship Saturday program at Worlds End, Diego! Great job getting out and doing field work in the snow – love the photos!


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