Visit to Stockbridge

This week we went on a college tour of The Stockbridge school inside of Umass Amherst. During the tour we first sat down and talked to some of the students who had gone through the Stockbridge school before. They included two who majored in forestry and one who majored in turf management. They explained to us all about their majors and how they used them in internships. They mentioned how we can take classes for a semester and a half and then go on to do a 5 month internship in what ever field we are majoring, and in almost any place we request, while getting paid. They also told us of the many clubs and activities there are at Amherst.DSC_0025

After meeting with the students we were able to go and eat lunch at their cafeteria and it was delicious! They had many different varieties of food and it was all very good. When we all finished stuffing ourselves with their food we went on a tour of the schools conservatory. In the conservatory we saw many beautiful plants such as different varieties of succulents which are plants that retain water, flowers and even the original gum tree which chewing gum was made of. We learned about the importance of heat regulation inside of the conservatory and were shown many new plants that we had never seen.


When the tour of the conservatory was over we went to sit in an NRC class and hear of the different job opportunities available for those who chose to major in forestry. We learned of the difference between working for a private company, and working in the public sector or being hired by a city. The professor spoke of the pay that each one gets and the different positions one can achieve in both of them. The demand in urban foresters is going to expand especially because of how people are becoming aware to how important trees are. The professor also said that many people who get into the field don’t usually have degrees in it but that having one will greatly increase your chances to climb the ranks in the business rapidly, along with knowing more than one language is also vital.DSC_0019

Overall the tour was very good. We enjoyed every part of it and had a great time. Our highlights were definitely seeing the conservatory. It was very beautiful inside and filled with many amazing plants that we had no idea existed. It seemed to go from a desert feel with a lot of cacti to a forest filled with small trees, bamboo and exotic plants, and then to a garden with many taken care of banzai and flowers. The food was also a highlight and just learning how school life is from the students themselves.

Stephen Pichardo AKA Stevo

Diego Rojas AKA Soga

Andreas Aluia AKA Sunshine


3 responses to “Visit to Stockbridge

  1. Sounds as though the visit provided an outstanding introduction to many aspects of the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMass. Great that you had the opportunities to do so much in one day: meet students, sit in on a class, explore the campus, and have a delicious lunch in the cafeteria!

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