Tools are friends, Tools are life

Tools are a gardeners right hand man when it comes to doing something tough, exact, and easier. The tool I favorite the most isn’t just a tool, it’s mobile, fast and carries a load of anything. Yes, that’s right! My tool was an Electric Cart. Not only is this car eco friendly but it has saved us from either driving a big truck through small areas or even carrying logs one by one from long distances. Sadly, we only used the cart for half the internship but once it came repaired from a previous mechanical issue we used it for multiple uses that improved the amount of work we did. On somedays when weeds have complete invasion of the garden and when we come with buckets of weeds it tends to become a problem transporting. Here’s the beauty.


Next we have a can that makes things look prettier. It’s a can of Endust. I know what you’re thinking. Why this? Well. Everything in the carriage house can get dusty because it’s an older building and sometimes you have guys like me that have to clean up and make things shiny and beautiful and fantastic. Be careful don’t over use something like this though it will get to your head an give you a headache.


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