Good News

So I have some good news and bad news! The good is that I’m in the last days of works! Just kidding! That’s the bad one but it is actually that this won’t be the last blog I post! So look out for a fun wild blog I’ll put up today!

I was looking at my mid-term blog and some new techniques that I learned these past two months were planting shrubs and groudcovers, deadheading, target pruning, fertilizing, lifting sod, sharpening tools, and using compost; along those lines, some other things I had additional experience in before were edging and mulching. However, my favorite would, of course, be… blogging! “Not again,” you would say and I would say “Just kidding :P”. It actually is a tie between target pruning and the team-building games. I also enjoyed tree climbing but I realized from a mentor who said that he couldn’t imagine doing that everyday that I wouldn’t enjoy just learning the ins and outs of one position.

I would like to be a Charlie who has went through many roles including gardener and director of horticulture, which I learned about in one of our enrichment sessions; we had a career day and I got some old but new inspiations. Let me explain. Some of their jobs included horticulture and landscape architecture, in which I have met inspirers before. So that was very exciting in and of itself. (A tangent from that field is that one of them is related to one of my childhood dream jobs: firefighting. I think that it is very interesting that you get so many opportunities from working with the National Park Service.) But I am sure that in the field, you would be able to advocate for many opportunities for yourself because another person said that her boss wanted her to go into the career of an architect (when she was explaining that she got to go to a workshop class on masonry). But the big takeaway from both speakers were that having the experience in the field is very valuable to the other positions that are associated with it, such as a landscape architect. So I am very interested in landscape architecture mostly because of this person’s passion that re-kindled my de-light for the backstage work. Because I had that aha moment and remembered when we got to visit one of my past inspirer’s park and I absolutely loved the “Do you want to see something cool?” moment; those moments were her answer to my question about her favorite memory at work or in the field and it’s when there’s always something amazing about a park that the staff can show you. I think that I would love a job that provides those moments once in a while when you get to go out into the field.

As for change that took place in my fire throughout this summer, I would say that I have my own favorite memories that propel me into the field because before I would just get inspired from their heart-warming stories and feel that I would like to be them :). I also feel that this summer gave me a more general reflective experience that I think it something that I can use to grow on as I come upon more opportunities in the field. For example, I think I like the backstage more than the field work and miss the different discplines that would be working together when I was in the landscape architect group at an after-school program (even though that was something I disliked in the heat of it). So in conclusion, I learned a lot about myself in these short ten weeks and need a bit more time to say firmly that I want this one career but I know I’m heading in the direction of a landscape architect as of now!

NB: I’m going to update the pictures a bit later; check back for that in addition to my last blog! ~nancyhuang756

8262014: I don’t have that many pictures that I can update in a blog for you all, so sorry that this is my last blog. But here are some pictures of the hiking trip we went on:











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  1. Sounds like to learned a lot and really grew this summer. i really hope that you continue to work in horticulture and that we see more of you! It’s great to hear how reflective and inspiring the summer was for you : )

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