The next mile in my journey

I had a lot of fun working for Branching Out again and enjoyed the people I worked with. Whether it was park-based interns or field team members, they are like a little family that I never had. I learned some new things this year that I didn’t to last year; such as target prunning and team building activities that brought everyone together. I also loved working at my old park again and being with some old faces and then witnessing new ones in the process. These last 10 weeks have been very interesting and I have enjoyed my time here. Sadly, I won’t be returning to Branching Out next year since I have overstayed my time there. It is still inconclusive what I plan on doing next summer but I hope it still involves working with the National Park Service. Either I can work as an SCA member at a national park or as a worker for SCIP. Both of them sound promising but I still have to apply for them in order to continue working with the park serviced in the future. The only thing I have to worry about from now until next summer is being at school and passing my classes. The future for me looks promising but I’m going to miss all of the people I have made at Branching Out and I hope to see them all again someday and work together on many different projects. Overall, I hope that none of you guys ever change. Continue to be who you are and live life to thew fullist. It was great working with all of you and plan to be part of branching out even though I can’t be a member anymore. If possible I can try to different posts on things that relate to this experience. Sincerely from yours truely!






And finally…


3 responses to “The next mile in my journey

  1. So glad that you enjoyed the summer so much, and happy to hear that you are interested in SCIP and SCA! I don’t know too much about SCIP, but I can highly recommended SCA. Hope you continue to work for the Park Service!


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