Is it here?

Hi there. I’ll give you a chance to guess my independent project with this video. Hint: It’s in the Longfellow Formal Garden.

So it seems that it might have been a obvious guess, but I’m happy to announce that it’s about… roses. I am keeping records about the care of the roses in a database. So there are seven columns: the name and type, the hybridizer and date, description and color, location, maintenance, condition assessment (for 2014), and photo. The two optional columns are the first two I listed but for the substitute rose. I was transferring the word document of some existing records to a excel spreadsheet. But I haven’t updated it all yet because I have a bunch of pictures of the roses to be identified from throughout the summer.

After I first identified my project, I took pictures of the existing conditions for the roses and will take final conditions during my condition assessment Monday. In the condition assessment, I will look for insect damage, rust, black spots, and sunburn on the leaves. A lot of that will make the leaf another color such as yellow. If they do not have that, then I look at the color of the leaves. Pale green leaves show that they are unnourished so I would prefer seeing dark green leaves.

Other than learning about their conditions, some techniques and methods that I got to see and experience this summer was deadheading, rubbing the petals off the rose hips, using liquid fertilizer, spraying with insect and disease sprays, and pruning back the deadwood. So when I am done with the project it will be a little guide to the next user and it will teach them everything the master rosarians know. Just kidding! The highlight of the project was their visit to the garden and it was a lot to take in. Although it was a little overwhelming as was my first “assessment” of the roses with Mona, I look back at it like it was a piece of cake after all my hard work. (The roses weren’t in bloom during that time but I have some nice pictures from these couple of weeks.) I still have a little bit left to finish but that is for the presentation and hopefully I will see you guys at Adams! Here is a tour of the park where my independent project was since it won’t be hosting the final presentations. 😛

Longfellow Site Tour

3 responses to “Is it here?

  1. Great job, Nancy! Thank you for all that you have done for the Longfellow House – Washington’s Headquarters NHS this summer! I love the video. It is obvious that you learned so much in such a short period of time. Best wishes for a great year in school!

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