Independent Project

My time working with Branching Out has been one of the best times I have ever had. As a park-based intern, I have had the opportunity to work an a project at my park that represents what I plan to work on. This year I’m researching the historical value of all the trees and plants at Adams. I want to know why these trees are historical and what makes them so historical. This requires looking through old records of the landscape plan to find out why this certain tree was decided to be planted there by John Adams or his son in that certain spot. I also plan to record the DBH (Diameter Breast Height) of the trees to determine the age to the tree. What I will gain from this experience is history and also plant ID. Once I do my presentation, I plan on explaining what this project is and how I was able to complete it. It is still being worked on in the process so I plan on finishing it before next week. This matters to everyone because when people visit the park, they believe that they’re looking at the garden of what Abigal Adams created when it’s really what her grandson Charles Francis Adams has created in his image. The more that people see this, the more they can understand the purpose of why I chose this project and why everyone should be more educated on why this is important to the history of the park.

Β Copy of Copy of DSC00578

2 responses to “Independent Project

  1. I bet it was very interesting learning about the history of the garden. I didn’t know that it was created much later than when Abigail lived there. Look forward to the presentation!


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