Enrichment activity

On every friday during the last few weeks, the park-based interns and the field team would meet with each other and head to some place that had different things for us to do for the entire day. These were called Enrichment days. One Enrichment activity that I found interesting was the career skills and resume building on friday. There were different presentations by numerous people from the park service that wanted to talk about their jobs and how they got into the park service. The first Presentation was by a park ranger at the navyyard named Mark Clarke. When he first heard of the National Park Service, he got into a program in Philadelphia that would make him part of law enforcement. He then explain daily activities he would do at the navyyard including greetings visitors, writing tickets, and once and a while a car chase. I was very interested to learn about how he wanted to become the person he is today and I still do. Next was and SCA intern at State Street named Alex who does cultural landscape plans for different national parks in the USA. She will go to different parks and find numerous history facts to put in the cultural landscape report and send it back to State Street. I know Humberto would be very interested in this type of work since he wants to be a landscape artcitect.


Next Presentation was from Kathleen Fitzgerald (not in any relation) who talked about mapping and GIS (Geographic Information Systems). She mentioned going to many parks and mapping about the entire park by using old records and using it as a mapping tool. I found it interesting because I know I have to take GIS in the fall and it is going to be very difficult. Next was from my mentor Bob McKenzie who did his presentation on how to have a stable work experience. This went all the way back when he worked at the aquarium and how he has been working all his life going into the park service. The one thing I got from his presentation was don’t go to college deciding on one thing to focus on because it will go further into something different and you will find yourself studying about Buluga whales. The next one was about the famous Charlie Pepper came up to present on why he loved his job working for the National Park Service. He would start by mentioning how he got interested in wanting to be where he is today and how is father thought it would be a dumb idea and then lead to him being in finland working as a horticulturalist. He talked about the many projects he did and why he loved doing them and how in the end he decided what he wanted to do with his life and ironically how his father was proud of his life choice. These were some of the most interesting presentations that I have been to in a long time, One because I didn’t fall asleep during it and because I have a good understanding of what I plan to do once I graduate college.


Finally, Tia Soloman who works for the park service and is a receptionist at State Street talked about how she became part of law enforcement which was the same as what Mark did at first. She is also a part time fire fighter and mightbe called to help out with some heavy fires somewhere. The last thing on our agenda was resume building. Michelle Pizzilo ran the whole process in how we can build a resume and how improving on it can help us in the future when it comes to looking for jobs. Her advice was really helpful and I now can use more sophisticated words to help improve my resume so I can be more likely to be hired by a company. If I want to continue my path to be in the park service, I know I must improve on my learning skills and try to do my best getting my application in to those jobs to be hired.


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  2. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the day and found it useful. I agree, Liam, the presenters had some really useful advice and hearing from them about their jobs was very inspiring!


  3. Liam, thanks for sharing your thoughts about the career day. I too found each presenter’s career pathway and experiences very interesting. In addition, the opportunity gave me the chance to reflect on my career path and what makes working with the national park service so fulfilling. It was fun talking with and sharing my career experiences with everyone.


  4. It is always interesting to hear the paths your mentors and others have taken to get where they are at. Choices, experiences, education, jobs, and people will help you to follow your career and life paths.
    As you can see, it is many different paths along this journey which will lead you where you need to be.


  5. I found the descriptions of the different job opportunities extremely interesting. Who knew what a wide scope of skills and professions existed in National Parks!


  6. Liam, I am glad that you found this enrichment opportunity beneficial. Hearing from others about their career path and the different roles they play in the NPS can be very enlightening as you begin to make decisions about your future.


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