Teams Unite… with Interns

Last Friday, on the first of August, the field team and the interns visited the grounds of Groundwork Somerville. A little bit about the why is that it allows Branching Out to select their park-based interns easily and to me, I first knew them as the people who are in charge of my paycheck. The interns met their executive director, Chris, in our very first week and got to learn a little about the organization. But it was more than a month ago, so it was quite refreshing to be dosed with more information. Let’s see what I remember.

This time around, our host was the Green Team.They are youth from Somerville and surrounding areas that are employed by Groundwork Somerville. They are split into two teams that get to alternate between weeks of working on their two farms on the border of Cambridge and Somerville and working on school yard gardens in the neighborhood. The produce they grow are sold at farmers’ markets near low-income housing and senior homes. One thing that is so cool and perhaps the thing that makes it one of the best summer jobs I can envision is that they have bikes! They travel on their bikes to get to the different school yards and markets. We saw that team bike on it to theirs farms where we were working.


The other team got to host us at the farms. These farms were built on vacant lots that are city owned. Some projects that we got to work on was transferring soil from the South Street farm a block to the other farm, planting, watering, and building a structure to hold compost. I worked on the compost structure. We attempted to use a drill and a hammer to put wood pallets together but to no avail. So instead, we used cable ties to loop them together. Then we used a cloth to line the interior of the structure. Lastly, we used a staple gun to keep the cloth in place! This is related to skills I wanted to learn because I think that techniques you learn to help a garden is very informational and creative. But other than the projects, we did a continuum game from strongly agree to strongly disagree for statements related to us, our habits, people’s habits in general, and health related topics. For example, one of them were: I think that everyone can eat healthy food. Although our discussion was short, I learned that it is very important to have access to locally grown and organic food because it should be a right. I have a horrible memory and don’t seem to remember much other than this blog shows so hope you enjoyed the enrichment day re-cap.


4 responses to “Teams Unite… with Interns

  1. Wow, sounds like you all had a fun day of gardening skills! You’re making me sad that I missed it! : ) Thanks for the re-cap and the pictures Nancy. Are you inspired to grow some vegetables now?


  2. What a great team effort! It is amazing what can be accomplished when you join together as one large group. I love the fact that the produce is sold at markets that provide access to locally grown food for low-income residents and seniors.

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