Minute Man National Historical Park


IMG_1276The North Bridge

The field team headed to Minute Man National Historical Park located in Concord to help the maintenance staff with installing benches and clearing the hillside garden near the Buttrick Mansion. This park is the site of where the first shot that started the American Revolution took place.

Our project this week began working with Grounds Supervisor, Trent Martinez, to install two benches in the park. We learned how to use the post hole digger to dig the cement footings for the benches. While we were digging we sifted the soil in case we found any historically significant artifacts. The highlight and challenge of this project was installing the benches. Our team enjoyed this project, but it was challenging to make sure that each bench was level on both sides.


Sifting the soil to check for artifacts

IMG_1249Mixing the cement for the bench footings


IMG_1294Leveling the bench

For the second project of the week, we were working with gardener, Bethany Weiss who led our group in removing invasive species such as black swallow wort from the Buttrick Garden.  Black swallow wort is a very invasive plant that contains hundreds of seeds in one of it’s pods.  Removing tall grasses and invasive species from the garden will help the rhododendron and other surrounding plants to get nutrients and sunlight that the invasive species were preventing.


Hillside Garden



Cows at Minute Man National Historical Park!

3 responses to “Minute Man National Historical Park

  1. Looks like you all worked very hard at Minute Man! I checked out the benches after your teach back and they look great!! The Hillside Garden looks very improved too, I am sure that Bethany really appreciated the help!


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