A new place to work, and a new place to be.

Going into week six is an absolute enjoyment. This was the week where we the interns had a chance to leave our parks for a project in Long Island, New York. The plan consisted of 3 different project which were pathway, planting and trail maintainance. Being in the planting group I’ve learned things I can proudly share. First of all we started out with a planting plan which for me wasn’t foreign and in fact my favourite part of the project. I felt as if I have been given a chance to be in an architect’s pair of shoes.

As soon as we scaled and divided everything transitioned into the planting process, this consisted of edging and sad removal which in fact was a little difficult when you’re repeatedly using one part of your body. As soon as we finishing clearing the bed we decided to dig bowl shape wholes specific to the design of the bush. We had 2 choices, Tauntii and Brownii. Tauntii is a dwarf light texture bush that would only grow 3-4 in diameter while Brownie a much more olive darker color would grow about 10 feet in diameter.

After we implemented the bushes we had the responsibility of mulching and watering. I’ve never watered something so short for so long in my entire life. I was originally told that you could water it for a day and it wouldn’t be over watered. In total, the trip I was privileged on attending was very educational. I’ve learned not just from my project but from others aswell. The way we’ve seemed to finish at a synchronized level was actually very surprising. I know for a fact that we left a really great mark on the restoration of the building, mailman walkway, and trail into and from the beach.

Shout out to all the patient adults that were instructing us. Eric and the superintendent, another thank you to you. Hoping to attend another trip like this next year for sure!



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