All Most There!

This year I have a completely new routine this year which is nice and I really like it. I start out every morning picking up trash and any sticks that might be on the path ways. I love being able to interact with the different types of people who are walking through the park there are some people I see almost every day or who I have never seen in my life. It is pretty cool to think about how many different people come through the park. I love being able to interact with visitors that come to Minute Mann.

Some more things that I would wanted to learn about is plant identification and history about the park and animals that are natural to the parks landscape. This year I feel that I should learn more about the park and be able to teach /learn as I go along. I want to add a little more history to the blogs also. I want to become an expert on the park so if a person asks me a question I will be able to answer it. ย For example This lady came up to me and asked me if there were any volunteer opportunity to weed the gardens I said honestly I have no idea I will have to ask my supper visor I said the Gardner always needs an extra helping hand because there is only one gardener and weeds in every bed even though she works so hard she defiantly needs some more help. It turns out there is a chance for Volunteer opportunity to help weed the gardens so lady who asked me earlier if you are reading this it is true that there is volunteer opportunity.

3 responses to “All Most There!

  1. Zach – Your efforts in the garden early in the morning are very important, meeting and greeting regular park visitors and ensuring they have a positive expeirence. Thanks for representing the park, Branching Out and yourself so well!


  2. I think your park has a volunteer coordinator so you can get that person’s business card and hand it out, or you just ask people to call the park head ranger if there is a question you can’t answer.

    At our park the volunteers don’t know which is a weed and which is a wild flower. So we ask volunteers to work with us when they come. The Branching Out learned so much about the plants in our garden last week at Longfellow House that I think some know more plants than the rangers, except for ranger Katherine. She is a gardener at home.

    I wanted to let you know your mentor can get in contact with the records done in the past on inventory and monitoring the animals of the park. That will help if you have a list you can read about the nesting habits and animals active time – whether it is day time or dusk or night. Then you will know where to find them for direct observation.

    Good luck and post some photos!


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